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Ceri Thomas | Design & Art Direction
Debrief media pack
Land Liam Gallagher on the moon game | Q magazine
Autumn | Hertfordshire
Menorca | Summer
Game of Thrones character relationships | Emprire magazine website
HP | Device as a Service
Barclaycard | Cybercrime
The Equaliser | Football portraits
Wind farm illustration
Touch magazine cover
Microsite index | Grazia magazine website
M25 Flyover | Kings Langley
Winter morning frost | Suffolk
Locations of every scene in every Bond movie | Empire magazine website
Electric car illustration
Time Out Carnival Guide
Banner ad for Grazia exibition
Spring daffodil
Bovingdon airfield | WWII control tower
Kate Moss stats | Grazia magazine website
Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research | Internal report
Touch magazine cover
Heat memory game | One of a series running weekly
Grand Union Canal | Hemel Hempstead
Funfair | Boxmoor
Lead story | Equaliser daily football email
Brand New Heavies sleeve art
Cocktails illustration for Bacardi / The Debrief
Pitstone Windmill | Ivinghoe
Bovingdon football ground
Dancehall Moves | Adapted from Sean Paul CD poster
Virgin Media e-zine cover
Tottenham Court Road
The many deaths of Sean Bean | FHM magazine website